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    Mr. Atul Kochhar
    Atul Kochhar has quite simply re-invented Indian cuisine. His unique talent as a twice Michelin Starred Chef has changed the way people perceive and experience Indian food. Atul was the very first Indian Chef to receive a Michelin Star during his time at Tamarind. He then went on to create the world renowned Benares Restaurant where his creative talents did not go unmissed and he went on to win his second Michelin Star in 2007. His incredible ability to create such unique and rare dishes from all parts of the world has formed the highly successful Benares Restaurant. Jan Moir wrote in The Daily Telegraph: "Benares is notable for the outstanding quality of the ingredients that the kitchen uses and the abundance with which they are served." He instantly shot to fame and has maintained this high level of Indian cuisine throughout the last few years.

    Atul started his cooking career at The Oberoi group of hotels in India. In June 1993 he graduated to the five star deluxe Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi. Here Atul worked as a Sous Chef in one of the five restaurants in the hotel. Atul then moved to the fine dining restaurant of Bernard Kunig. In November 1994, Atul moved to London to open Tamarind and in January 2001, he was awarded his first Michelin star.

    This saw Atul publish the follow up to his hugely successful debut recipe book Indian Essence. In Fish, Indian Style, Atul presents recipes using every variety of fish, spiced in the Indian style for which he is so renowned for. Atul is also currently in the process of writing his third and due to be his most outstanding book to date: ‘Curries of The World’, due to be published in 2012. Atul also opened Ananda in October 2008 – meaning eternal joy –, which is situated in the Dundrum Town Centre on the beautiful outskirts of Dublin.

    Atul has featured in numerous television series, most recently including the second series of Masterchef Goes Large and BBC2’s Great British Menu series one, two and three. The third being shot during Spring 2008.

    Mr. Atul Kochhar

    Atul is also heavily involved in children’s charities- manly Barnardo’s, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Save The Children, to name just a few. He has an overwhelming passion to support under privileged children and continues to work closely with these charities and many other children’s Charities. Atul is also proud to be an Ambassador for Find Your Feet, a small charity that supports some of the poorest families to build a better future. An active Ambassador, since 2007 Atul has visited FYF’s vital work in India and hosted fundraising dinners that have raised over £35,000; helping thousands of families in his homestate of Jharkhand, and throughout northern India, out of hunger and poverty.

    Atul’s recipes have appeared in magazines and newspapers wildly across the world, and he demonstrates regularly on food shows in the UK and abroad. He lives in west London with his wife Deepti and his young son and daughter. In addition, most recently, he was personally invited to meet the Queen during a State visit of The President of India. Along with being invited to cook for Prince Charles at St James’ Palace during April 2010. It appears he is unstoppable in his ability to conquer new and inspirational Indian dishes and continues to thrive with some very exciting future projects ahead of him.

    He also received his Honorary Doctorate Degree from Southampton Solent University in November 2010.

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    Recipes for B4U Viewers:

    Christmas Special Episode:
    1. Roast Chicken Vindaloo

    Episode 6:
    1. Masala Parcel Machchi (Baked Fish)
    2. Daal Wali Bateyer - (Spice Roasted Quail With Black Lentil Stew)
    3. Jinge Postu - Courgettes With Poppy seeds

    Episode 5:
    1. Ghost Bhare Baigan – (Eggplants Stuffed with Spicy Lamb)
    2. Lubia Biryani (Veg)
    3. Chilli Garlic Scampi Salad

    Episode 4:
    1. Duck Curry - Thara Kari
    2. Chicken Coconut Curry - Kuku Paka
    3. Mooli Curry - Mulor Ghunto

    Episode 3:
    1. Mango Curry - Aam Currie
    2. Chicken Lahori - Lahori Murg Masala
    3. Prawns and Tamarind Curry - Meen Vevichathu (South India)

    Episode 2:
    1. Cucumber and Ginger Punch
    2. Pineapple Tango
    3. Grilled Squid with Oriental Dressing

    Episode 1:
    1. Pineapple, Prawn and Scallop Curry - Gang Pit Mock Nut
    2. Laotian Curry Paste - Kore Laotian
    3. Flame of Forest Smoothie
    4. Iced Citrus Tea
    5. Falafel

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