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B4U Movies and B4U Music will be shifted to Asia Sat 3S Satellite from present satellite PAS-10.

The shift will take place on 7 December. The transmission of PAS-10 will be stopped from 31 December. The network has upgraded compression system whereby it will use MPEG-4 compression for both the channels which adds improved coding efficiency, ability to encode mixed media data (video, audio, and speech), error resilience to enable robust transmission and ability to interact with the audio-visual scene generated at the receiver.

It will use IRDETO encryption for both the channels, which provides solutions for digital content protection in Digital TV, IPTV and Mobile environment.

B4U Music will continue to be a free to air channel but will be available in an encrypted mode henceforth. New Set Top Boxes are required for both the channels by the operators.

B4U MUSIC  (Encrypted)

Satellite: AsiaSat 3S
Downlink polarization: Horizontal
Downlink frequency: 3880MHz
DVB-S standard, Modulation: QPSK, FEC 3/4
Symbol rate: 27.5 Msym/sec

B4U MOVIES  (Encrypted)

Satellite: AsiaSat 3S
Downlink polarization: Horizontal
Downlink frequency: 3880MHz
DVB-S standard, Modulation: QPSK, FEC 3/4
Symbol rate: 27.5 Msym/sec
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B4U is digital. Which means, better audio & video quality and more choice. For all these don't need to change your TV set -all you need is Set Top Digital box with the necessary subscription.

Currently, B4U, as a channel is available in the USA, UK, EUROPE and the MiddleEast. Canadian viewers can see the latest hits on B4U pay per view services

 B4U channel is available in USA on DISH NETWORK.

Uplink Center Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
Network Dish Network
Satellite Echostar III
Orbital Location 61.5 degrees west longitude
Transponder 12
Dish Channel no 619
Uplink Frequency 17484.38mhz
Downlink Frequency 12384.38mhz
Polarisation LHCP
Symbol Rate 3/4
Encryption Nagravision Conditional Access
Video Standard MPEG-2
Analog/Digital Digital

UK - Launched on 26 August, 1999                                    TOP

Satellite Astra 2A
Satellite Manufacturer Hughes Communications Int. Inc.
Satellite Station-keeping accuracy Longitude +/- 0.10 degrees
  Inclination +/- 0.10 degrees
Stabilisation System 3 axis
Polarization Dual Linear
Cross Polarization isolation (for areas within the 50 dbw e.i.r.p contour) on vertical and horizontal transponders Typical 30 dB
Transponder number on the Satellite 22
Uplink Signal frequency 17729.00 MHz
Downlink Signal frequency 12129.00 MHz
Hours of transmission 24 hours per day
Beam / Downlink Polarisation South /Vertical
Forward Error Correction (FEC) ratio 2/3
Orbital Position and Transponder Bandwith
Orbital Position 28.2 degrees East
Usable Transponder Bandwith 33 MHz
Encryption BSkyB Conditional Access
Uplink Arqiva Limited
Target Territories Primarily UK and also continent of Europe


Middle East - Launched on 10 December, 1999              TOP

The B4U Channel can be viewed in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Yemen and Bahrain as part of either the Pehla or Al Awael bouquet.

Satellite & Transponder

AB 7 TP E-37

Orbital Position

7 degrees west


12418 MHz



Symbol rate

27.5 MSps



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